A creative side project/experiment

A creative side project/experiment

I like word play and doing nice things for my girlfriend, this is a short clip I created to show the contrast between our personalities. If you have any thoughts on it I’d be glad to hear it.


Lamb Of God – Ashes of The Wake: Is my morning beer


It hits you like an ice cube down the front of your boxers while you’re still half asleep, is it a horrible and bitter experience or a refreshing hit that will leave you wired while still red eyed for the rest of the day?
You open with caution, a seemingly bad idea for a harsh way to start your day so why do it I hear you ask yourself. The answer is simple, because you crave the rebellion, whether you felt it last year before you hit your 20’s or 15 years ago now in your 30’s you crave that ‘f***k you’ spirit, and this is the perfect way to feel it again. The vocals may be harsh but they still sound good and the tongue tingling solos are not just thrown in for good measure they are actually pretty memorable which is seldom in today’s metal; much to my disappointment.
It’s not the longest experience ever but in the short moment of mind racing heart pounding ecstasy it’s long enough…. I think I’ll have another tomorrow.


Dream Theater – Awake: is my Avocado

Dream Theatre – Awake: is my Avocado

You pick it up from the shelf and instantly you are confused by its unusual appearance, but can looks be deceiving?
You are splitting open the seemingly inedible fruit, listening to the first track, you are welcomed by something that you are still not quite sure what it is. However, the intrigue is still there, you know that many people have enjoyed this and it’s still quite popular amongst its fans today so with your mouth not exactly watering you carry on hoping you haven’t wasted your time.
OK, so now we are taking our first taste, we’ve come to realise that innocence has faded (see what I did there) all those sweet and regularly enjoyed fruits are now being pushed aside by this somewhat grown up thing which you are starting to realise isn’t all that bad.
This is something you wouldn’t want to share at a party. This is something you know is good but feel a little reserved towards running down the street naked and screaming about it. You listen to Erotomania while on your own in the car, closing your eyes and nodding soothingly at the part which sounds like you are sailing on stormy seas in a ship built to withstand it, again, not exactly a moment you want to be involving anyone else in.
For some parts you question whether there is some fat to be trimmed, this would be like telling a pregnant woman to lose weight as this fat is the good kind, it is good for you and therefore if you give it the chance it will do good things to you and it is because of this that I will come back to this time and time again when I’ve had way too much of the mass produced bad fat that we can’t seem to get away from.

8 / 10